Counselling for Children

With 7 years experience working as a school counsellor I am also able to empathise and relate to the challenges that our Young People are facing. My current role within an Infant school has enabled me to refine my skills when working with children as young as 4 years old.

Counselling for Young People and Children is a specialist area of counselling where we draw upon theories and models of development in order to enable them to express their thoughts, feelings and emotions in a positive and healthy way. This form of counselling often takes on a creative approach. Creative counselling allows children to access their difficult thoughts whilst drawing, playing or using the sand tray and embraces the use of metaphor; this is generally more comfortable for younger clients than the traditional face-to-face therapy. It encourages the young client to start exploring different ways of communicating as well as starting to understand themselves more fully.

Children learn to understand their thoughts and feelings through play

Children learn to understand their thoughts and feelings through play

Because Children and Young People are incredibly protective of families and loved ones, they will go to great lengths not to ‘rock the boat’ or cause any angst. Counselling can offer young clients a space to talk openly and honestly about their concerns, whether about friendships, family or personal issues, without the fear of upsetting a loved one, this exploration often allows them to see the issue more clearly and a ‘solution’ is easier for them to find. They learn that they are able to express themselves through positive communication rather than negative behaviours.

Building a ‘Therapeutic Relationship’ with a therapist for the first time can be a life changing experience.  Learning that they can trust a counsellor not to break confidence, judge them or  tell them what to do is often a unique experience.

Encouraging our youngsters to learn to express and understand themselves more clearly can provide them with strategies that will benefit their relationships, both personal and professional, throughout their lives. It will also enable them to seek help in the future when they face life challenges rather than believing they need to shoulder the burden alone.

I offer a creative and relaxed space for them to start to understand what is making their life difficult and learn new techniques and coping strategies.

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