I was able to explore my feelings in a safe non-judgmental environment. Examining issues in more depth enabled me to begin to understand why I felt as I did regarding specific issues.
Liane acted as a facilitator and sounding board, not offering solutions but helping me to conclusions that I recognise now empower me to deal with the situations that have in the past left me feeling depressed and helpless.
I understand that I am at the beginning of a journey but my sessions with Liane have been valuable inas much that I feel more positive and confident.
Female, Cornwall


As the world’s biggest cynic when it comes to ‘shrinks’ I approached Liane with caution, I needed help to try and rectify a severe lack of confidence and self esteem.

From the very beginning Liane made me feel very comfortable handling all sessions in a reassuring manner with no pressure or expectation. I was more than a little nervous going into our first meeting and had no idea what I was going to say – the time flew by as it did in subsequent weeks.

In the time between counselling sessions I had the chance to think about all the things I discussed with Liane many of which I had never thought about before. Armed with a few tricks and techniques I started applying them to everyday life situations – with varying success – and gradually my confidence is reappearing along with a greater awareness of my thoughts and actions.

I have some experience of counselling now, it is working for me and can highly recommend Liane!

Male, Cornwall


“I was already swimming around slightly out of my depth when I suddenly got caught by a rip current and started to get dragged out to sea.  Luckily I had the sense to ask for help rather than fight it on my own and that’s when I started going to see Liane.  By the second session I was already on my way back to shore feeling really buoyant thanks to her gentle guidance.  I’m pretty sure that I would have reached dry land shortly after that but out of the blue I was hit by further unforeseen big waves in fairly quick succession.  I genuinely believe that without Liane’s counsel I would have sunk to the bottom, such were the overwhelming nature of these waves.  Liane was there for me, not only keeping me afloat but more importantly she taught me how to swim again, feel comfortable about diving underneath the surface and even surf those big waves.  It takes an amazing person to teach someone so much about themselves that they can weather even the biggest storms of life.  I really am so thankful to Liane.”  Female, 46. Cornwall.