Clinical Supervision

So what is supervision?

A definition

Supervision is a therapeutic space which allows counsellors, or other professionals, to reflect upon, challenge and practice their working skills.

The supervisee should feel confident in the supervisor’s ability to guide, support and challenge in a creative, ethical and non-critical environment.

This working alliance will enable the counsellor to give their best possible service to their clients whilst enhancing their own professional development

Supervision is a crucial part of working ethically as a counsellor but it is also an invaluable tool for others working in the caring professions.

Supervision is used to allow practitioners the space to reflect on their work and the impact that they can have  in their professional relationships. It is also a way of safely discussing confidential issues that can otherwise become ‘all consuming’ and is an important part of looking after the practitioners emotional well-being.

I aim to build a safe, creative and professional relationship with my supervisees in order to encourage a reflective and open space  in which to explore their client work and ensure it remains ethical and effective.

My supervision experience includes 1:1 and group supervision to school based staff as well as counsellors. I work with supervisees who have many years experience but also trainees who may require more guidance and support.

Whether you are interested in group or 1:1 supervision, please contact me to discuss your needs.

I am  also able to offer supervision via Skype

£45 per hour. Some concessions may be available
If you are seeking supervision in Cornwall/St Austell please feel free to contact me on :



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